How it Works

Welcome to A Plus Catering - School Lunch Choice Ordering System


How our system works


Step 1

Create an Account by filling in the New Customers form.

Step 2 

You will proceed to the “My Account Page.” 

  • Add Students
  • View orders
  • Cancel meals

Step 3

  • Click on “Add Student from the my account page, and you will proceed to this screen.  Parents will select the correct grade their student. Once you have added students to your account you will see their names appear in the top menu bar.

Step 4

  • You will click on each student’s name to proceed to the menu calendar and place the order.  You select menu items by clicking the button next to the menu item.  You will then click “Add lunches to cart and repeat the process for all students.  Once orders are placed for all students, you can proceed to check out. 

Step 5

  • Once you have placed orders from the menu calendar, you will proceed to the “Checkout” page to verify that your orders are correct and review the payment totals.

Step 6

  • Once you have verified your order, you will proceed to “finalize order” page and submit payment information.
  • If you have credits in your account from canceling a previous meal, you will see a complete order button on “Finalize Order” page.

Step 7

  • When your payment processes, you will receive a confirmation receipt.  This receipt can be accessed from the “My account page where parents can verify their orders for accuracy and to remind them what meals have been ordered.

Canceling a lunch

  • A lunch can be cancelled from the “My account” page once it has been ordered.  Press the blue cancel link next to the meal.
  • Press Cancel Lunch button to complete cancellation and proceed to my account page to view credit.